Custom Business System Project Management and Planning

The key to staying competitive is allowing technology to give you more time doing more important business tasks.

Valence Designs have software developers who are also certified Project Managers with years of development experience.  

Quickbase System Design, Development, Upgrade, and Renovation

Valence Designs has been a part of the development of some of the most complex Quickbase Suite of Applications known today.

We have developed suites of applications consisting of 10 or more interconnecting applications. We have also taken suites of applications and consolidated them into one universal application.

We've built automations to streamline your processes and even double the revenue of several companies without the need of increasing headcount.

Creating end-to-end digital transformation solutions is our specialty.



Maximize system efficiency and compliance by training team members of all levels to use your business system. 

Valence Designs have also made over 20 professional training videos.  Our developers are also graphic artists and professional videographers.   

Not only are the training videos available, but Valence Designs have also developer Training Systems that can log completion and alert for retraining.